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Making a cashaddr vanity address

I am going to share with you how to make a vanity cashaddr with vanitygen for the old address. I hope someone to make one works with cashaddr natively.
First, read the spec.
For the ordinary P2PKH address, (the one start with '1' in the old format) The version byte (First 8 bits) is 0x00. ('0000 0000' in bits) That's why every new cashaddr addresses start with 'q'. ('00000' in bech32) and the following letter also is limited to one of [qpzr]. I just went with 'qq'.
Next, construct your meaningful words only with bech32 letters. It doesn't include every alphabet and number, so be creative. I chose 'vanlty', replacing missing 'i' with 'l'.
Thankfully, the head part of the cashaddr is pure payload. We can convert bech32 string without concerning the checksum.
qqvanlty q 00000 q 00000 v 01100 a 11101 n 10011 l 11111 t 01011 y 00100 
And convert it again to hex.
0000 0 0000 0 0001 1 1001 9 1101 D 1001 9 1111 F 1101 D 0110 6 0100 4 0019D9FD64 
8 letters for 5 bits each became 10 hex for 4 bits each.
Now using this base58 encoder, let's convert it to the old address prefix.
But be careful: Because the head part of a base58 string can be subjected to the length of the string, You need the filler to match the length of valid bitcoin address.
0019D9FD640000000000000000000000000000000000000000 13Mh2zbksUtigNtWkbtgtBnifHk7knCMpb 0019D9FD64FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF 13Mh2zfKjDr2Tqtqugr8s3J53CGagDjgmU 
Now, look at this base58 chart, and find all letters between the first different letter pair between the two addresses. In this case, its 'b' and 'f'. In between them, there are three letters, [cde]. We need an old address which starts with 13Mh2z, followed by one of [cde].
From this point, it's not different with making vanity address the old way. I downloaded vanitygen and used OpenCL generator.
oclvanitygen.exe -k 13Mh2zc 13Mh2zd 13Mh2ze Pattern: 13Mh2zd Address: 13Mh2zdzbV1KuwoEVLFn4eUM5h5kQQCu2F 
Finally, you can convert it back to cashaddr with this converter.
13Mh2zdzbV1KuwoEVLFn4eUM5h5kQQCu2F bitcoincash:qqvanlty5z9dyt5jqes0y803mf8cd5dte5wagjgjc4 
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Vanitygen will also reload the private key from the RNG after 10,000,000 unsuccessful searches (100M for oclvanitygen), or when a match is found and multiple patterns are being searched for. • Free software – Gnu GPL v3. Anyone can audit the code. • Written in C – The code is short, and easy to review. Leer in 4 simpele stappen in Bitcoin handelen bij AvaTrade. 300-750 Kkey/s.. How to Get a Custom Bitcoin Address You could catch some material regarding bitcoin mining bandwidth too .. There is a new system call in recent kernels called getrandom() that can be used to query the kernel for random data (same as /dev/urandom), except without opening a device called "/dev/urandom" in filesystem ... Bitcoin follows the laws of thermodynamics- Bitcoin requires input (computer tech investment and electricity) to create/mine Bitcoins, just like Gold requires equipment and fuel for mining/extraction. Bitcoin is finite, with only 21 million coins that will ever be created. Bitcoin is deflationary versus Dollars and Euros that are inflationary. You have total control of your funds,you can ... bitcoin to rupee conversion - Bitcoin is a currency of Digital Currency. The sign of Bitcoin is ¤, ISO code is BTC. Bitcoin is sibdivided into 1000 mBTC. BTC exchange rate was last updated on August 19, 2020 18:45:01 UTC. - Today BTC TO PKR Exchange Rate – This Bitcoin to Pakistan Rupee conversion is based on open market rates which are set by the currency exchange dealers of Pakistan ... Bitcoin - Indian Rupee Chart (BTC/INR) Conversion rate for Bitcoin to INR for today is ₹874,388. It has a current circulating supply of 18.5 Million coins and a total volume exchanged of ₹1,430,391,323,104 Bitcoin price is still rising. Experts predict the future rise for Bitcoin price as in 2017. 4 June 2019 $7,750 The price of bitcoin fell by more than 10%. 15 June 2019 $8,700 The price ...

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